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  • RE: Updates for Daddy's Dollhouse

    Thanks y’all :sizeprideheart: 😍

    @Olo Nothing urgent, we don’t have anything critical on the site. It’s more like fixing little bugs, adding the links on the homepage that have been offline since launch, and possibly testing some new features. We need to do some research though on what we can add/afford to do. I’ll let you know when the site is updated. Hopefully it’ll be sooner than later. 🙃

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  • Updates for Daddy's Dollhouse

    Hey y’all, sorry for the radio silence, It’s been a hellish month+ for my husband and I trying to find a new place to live. We finally signed a new lease and moved in this past weekend, so we haven’t had the time yet to dedicate to updating the forum - or focus on anything else really that wasn’t work, house hunting or endless paperwork at city hall, the bank, etc. We still do not have internet as we’re waiting for our fiber optic cable to be installed next week, but I do have mobile data so I can at least fill you guys in on the hold up for the updates.

    As always, if you’d like to volunteer to help add more features to this site, please let me know, preferably at my e-mail as I get the notifications on my phone. Thanks y’all for your patience!

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    A Size transference video Shrunken boss by Destruction Damsels, Ok I bought it, and was very impressed, and it was very well done for a studios first shrinking video.

    Size fetish veterans Sugargirlmodel and Canary Addison return to Destruction Damsels in our first multi-model size fetish scene, AND our first scene with shrinking fetish!
    Sugargirlmodel plays an employee who is fed up with the fact that their boss (Canary Addison) has blown the funds typically reserved for employee bonuses for a “morale boosting” pool table in part of the break area of the company. To make matters worse, their boss asks them to come in to work on the weekend for unpaid overtime. Deciding that enough is enough, Sugargirlmodel decides to turn to witchcraft.
    Upon going over the materials needed to cast a shrinking spell on their boss, Sugargirlmodel has to replace a chicken feather with a turkey feather, thinking nothing will come of it…
    When Saturday rolls around, Sugargirlmodel decides to initiate the spell, and at first it works, causing their boss to begin to shrink. Addison’s hands and feet begin to shrink into the sleeves and pant legs, stumbling out of her shoes. But within a short moment, Sugargirlmodel realizes that the spell is having an effect on them as well: Sugargirlmodel begins to grow.
    Their arms begin to burst out of their sleeves, and their legs begin to burst out of the pants. Their chest begins to swell, as their tits get bigger and bigger, going from flat to busty in no time. In Addison’s case, while her body as a whole gets smaller, her tits remain proportionately busty, as is evidenced once her dress shirt falls off of her body, revealing the barely hanging on bra. The straps fall, causing Addison to suddenly be completely topless. On the flip side, Sugargirlmodel’s bra can’t take it anymore, exploding open, letting their newly grown tits bounce out.
    The last of Addison’s clothes fall, with her panties dropping, leaving her nude. Before she knows it, she’s barely 6 inches, crawling out from under her shirt as if it’s now a giant white tarp to her. Once she does, Sugargirlmodel’s panties explode, landing right next to her. With fear in her eyes, Addison asks Sugargirlmodel what they plan to do next. They scare her by stomping nearby, causing Addison to run off. Sugargirlmodel catches up, grabbing her by the hair, and tossing her onto the very pool table that was the catalyst for everything.
    Sugargirlmodel decides to play a game of “eight ball”, striking the cue ball, and sending Addison running for an escape, tits bouncing wildly in the process, and dodging the ball at the last moment. She then attempts to retaliate, struggling to lift the ball with her shrunken form. She manages to toss it near the employee, which they do not care for… so they hang Addison out the window to “negotiate” bonuses for the employees AND a raise for them.

    GC,ST gif

    I agree

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  • RE: [Scat warning, drawing] Unaware Tiny Toilet

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with exploring, but you don’t need to change your preferences to fit others. I’ve met countless fellow tiny ladies, and we are all a spectrum. Some love it only sweet, only dark, or somewhere in between.

    With this space specifically, I had hoped that if you do have those dark fantasies, that you could explore them safely here, and if that’s what you want, then I hope you find some validation in those feelings here. I had always noticed men specifically had reservations about opening up in this regard, and I get it, especially living in the era of #metoo. My eyes really opened up after the meetups/SizeCon, where I could physically see in their eyes the sense of relief, knowing they could discuss this in a judge-free space, with others who felt the same.

    The important part is always keeping reality vs fantasy in perspective. My husband chokes me, slaps me, fucks me whenever he gets the itch for it, humiliates me, and the list goes on. For many outside observers, they might see this as abusive. But the thing is, my husband has done all these things with my consent. He knows what the rules are of “our game” and he’s never disrespected me. He supports and encourages me in ANYTHING I want to pursue (work education, projects, etc), he keeps his temper in check, and even helps me with chores when he doesn’t have to. He’s a normal dude. Heck, he’s a feminist, and has always defended, encouraged and uplifted the women in his life.

    I’ve never been raped (thank god), but I’ve had a few instances of men stalking me, even one man who held me down and got angry because I didn’t accept his compliment. It’s scary because they certainly don’t have my interest in mind, and I don’t know their intent. It’s NOT sexy. Games on the other hand are fun, and I can let my hair down and enjoy. Even if the games may seem dark from the outside.

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  • RE: Tiny Gals, describe yourself!

    @smolchlo lol thank you so much 😍 It’s from a drawing I made of my husband and I. I need to cut my bangs again though haha.

    You’re gorgeous btw SmolChlo ❤ I’m excited to see what Giantesslover does with our tiny doppelgangers 😂

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  • RE: Tiny Gals, describe yourself!

    This sounds like fun!! As long as I’m not bigger than someone else, I’m fine with you using my likeness in whatever way.

    I have long black hair, short torso, average leg length, an hourglass figure and a pretty thicc ass.
    alt text alt text

    I’m not sure how close you can get facial details (now or in the future), but I like to wear eyeliner and jewelry (like my septum ring, collar, earrings, etc).

    Here’s a video for reference.

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  • RE: Easy A (M/f)

    @giantesslover45 Not rude at all, no worries!! I’m not actively telling people what’s going on behind the curtain at Daddy’s Dollhouse, so I didn’t expect you to know my situation. Thank you for trying to help out!!

    I also second Olo’s low angle suggestion. 😳

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  • RE: [Scat warning, drawing] Unaware Tiny Toilet

    @giant-me Thank you! 😊 That’s what makes it hot for me! I personally am pretty disgusted by waste. I am a germaphobe to be quite honest. So the fact that I’m being forced to endure something that my body is telling me to avoid is the trigger that makes it hot. I haven’t done really anything scat related IRL with my husband, but I’ve given him rimjobs in the past, and although he cleans up well, it’s still has a bit of a smell. That’s enough for my own boundaries. We’ve done a lot more watersports since that’s a bit easier and sanitary, but even if I’m enjoying the humiliation, when we’re all done, I shower and if I got any of his piss in my mouth, I brush my teeth. Waste is not something I enjoy wading in, playing in, etc, it’s the fact that someone uses that waste to humiliate me is what I enjoy. I feel the same way about armpits. He’ll shove me face first into his pit, and it can be so gross and sweaty that I need to wash my face after, but fuck…I love it.

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  • RE: Easy A (M/f)

    @giantesslover45 Love this render! ❤ I’m jealous of the shower she got 😝 I’m sorry our upload limit is so small, I’ve been paying for this site out of pocket and I haven’t had steady income. 😞 I apologize for the inconvenience. We do allow offsite hosted images to be embedded in a post if that helps! 😳

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  • RE: [Scat warning, drawing] Unaware Tiny Toilet

    OH and for context, the tiny in this pic is supposed to be me!! Well at least a few years ago 😬 My hair has grown all the way down to my butt, and I’ve put on a few pandemic pounds 😣 The larger lady is an OC of mine name Nadia. She makes her debut in my comic Size Horrors where she takes a huge piss on me 😌 ♥

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