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  • RE: What small details really elevate size content for you?

    @littlest-lily Agreed! However, I disagree that love needs to be part of it as per my first bullet below…

    My list is:

    • Really exploring the nitty-gritty of what it means for a dominant/predatory personality to need the submissive/prey personality in order to express and justify itself. Like, sure, the giant can huff and puff as much as they want but if they break their toy and there’s no one left to push around, then what? At the end of the day they’re just as powerless as the rest of us. (And to be menacing/dominant/authoritative in spite of that is one of the places where things get really interesting for me.)
    • Physics and anatomy. Like, get as detailed with the physics as possible without breaking the fantasy. What does a follicle of a giant’s hair actually feel like? Is it the same diameter and texture as a regular human hair, or is it thicker and more wiry? What is the texture of their skin? Can you draw blood as easily? Can they move through water with more or less effort? What about their clothes? At a certain point fabric has to be engineered to a completely different degree than at a normal size, and it probably won’t feel soft to a tiny whatsoever. What are their caloric needs? Where does the food come from and how often do they need to eat? What’s the texture of a giant’s cum? Does its aesthetic viscosity match the size or is it exactly the same stuff that a normal-sized human produces and is only gloopy at that scale? (Thoughts on the physics of giant dicks could warrant an entire postdoc research career, too.)
    • Logistics. Spending time thinking about how giants get around, how much damage they do or don’t do, or what might engineering for a giant look like.

    The details of a giant’s very existence is just as important to me as their interrelations with tinies!

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  • RE: The space between SFW and NSFW

    Going back to the OP, I agree - kink is not always about getting off, and in fact it rarely ever is, psychologically speaking. Kinks are fundamental needs being met in superfluous trappings.

    I have a GF now who’s just as size kinky as I am (and a lucky bastard am I!) but more importantly, I’m actually getting to flex my dominant muscles in an actual relationship. It’s her first time getting involved in anything related to BDSM, and while it’s not my first rodeo by a long shot, what I’ve discovered is that the basis of dominance, control, is actually just a fundamental part of who I am as a person.

    Like, I can dirty talk her for an hour over text, tell her what to do and what to think and what to say while she’s masturbating, and I may not even get that sexually turned on - I can do this while I make dinner and watch TV - but turns out it satisfies me on a level I didn’t really know existed and even if I didn’t so much as touch my dick, I still wouldn’t trade this kind of power for the world.

    I’m not really playing with macrophilia right now because I’m getting deeper into the IRL BDSM scene and power exchange, but for me it’s where my size kinks come from, and it’s a VERY powerful way to scratch the itch.

    Telling her what to eat, installing tracking software on her phone so I can see where she is at all times (and listen in with her phone without needing permission), having her put stuff in a calendar so I know what she’s doing - these are all non-sexual things that our dynamic is settling into because they satisfy a very deep need for both of us. “Being” a giant is just another way of signaling that I’m in control, I have the final say, and that I can withstand things that my sub/victim/pet/plaything can’t (the burden of authority.) But there’s a more direct route for me, and that’s through living D/s.

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  • RE: zHEIGHTgeist

    I saw this and was like oh no and then I kept reading and was whew.

    Not a big podcast person, but it’s cool that this exists!

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  • RE: DeviantArt Content Policies

    @Olo Zactly!

    And yeah, webrings are making a comeback in response to all this kind of bullshit. There’s already one for non-straight male NSFW artists, so I figured why not one for us specifically? It’s such an ingenious, low-effort way to make sure everyone stays connected.

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  • RE: DeviantArt Content Policies

    Lmk if yall wanna get a webring together for you self-hosters! I honestly wouldn’t trust any mainstream site with erotic content or anything that could be interpreted as erotic by the powers-that-be at this stage in the general internet enshittification process.

    NSFW hosting isn’t super cheap, but it sure beats all the time and effort we spend in continually moving platforms and reuploading and re-finding/following people.

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  • RE: Giants, how do you protect yourselves from tinies bitting your hand?

    @Olo said in Giants, how do you protect yourselves from tinies bitting your hand?:

    @TakoAlice8 “The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts.”

    The Trick

    Fr, though.

    Just had my partner gag and grimace as my cat’s claw got stuck in the skin of my hand just yesterday. After 30 years living with the little gremlins, I just don’t feel pain in my hands anymore. Problem solved!

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  • RE: Passageway (M/f, Giant)

    I don’t know if I’ve commented on AO3 already but I just wanted to pop in and say I’m LOVING this story so far Nyx! You’re knocking it out of the park.

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  • Hankey's Toys are bringin' the goods

    Discovered Hankey’s Toys recently! They have some pretty wild size stuff:




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  • RE: Is height correlated to size feteshes

    I’ve seen the pedo comparison made before too and it really sucks.

    And it’s as asinine as saying furries or people who like girls in cat ears are all secretly animal fuckers. Smh.

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  • RE: Last Stand

    Awooga 👀

    But also - OUCH! That ain’t a peashooter she’s got!

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