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  • RE: Giants, how do you protect yourselves from tinies bitting your hand?

    @Olo said in Giants, how do you protect yourselves from tinies bitting your hand?:

    @TakoAlice8 “The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts.”

    The Trick

    Fr, though.

    Just had my partner gag and grimace as my cat’s claw got stuck in the skin of my hand just yesterday. After 30 years living with the little gremlins, I just don’t feel pain in my hands anymore. Problem solved!

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  • RE: Passageway (M/f, Giant)

    I don’t know if I’ve commented on AO3 already but I just wanted to pop in and say I’m LOVING this story so far Nyx! You’re knocking it out of the park.

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  • Hankey's Toys are bringin' the goods

    Discovered Hankey’s Toys recently! They have some pretty wild size stuff:




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  • RE: Is height correlated to size feteshes

    I’ve seen the pedo comparison made before too and it really sucks.

    And it’s as asinine as saying furries or people who like girls in cat ears are all secretly animal fuckers. Smh.

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  • RE: Last Stand

    Awooga 👀

    But also - OUCH! That ain’t a peashooter she’s got!

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  • RE: Is height correlated to size feteshes

    @TakoAlice8 It’s an interesting thing, but I think @Nyx is right in that men are just overrepresented in cultural discussions and research about sex. One of the godfathers of research into fetishes even framed his whole theory about it in a way that completely erased women by stating that that “odd-hitting” experience in childhood makes men paraphilic, while it supposedly makes women “frigid”! I don’t think he’s taken seriously at all anymore, but if that’s where we started, we haven’t strayed far.

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  • RE: Is height correlated to size feteshes

    Whew, my experience with height was a bit of a rollercoaster!

    When I was a little kid I vividly remember telling everyone I was going to grow up to be over 6 feet tall like it was some kind of competition? Like most kids I was excited to see how much I was growing and I still have the closet doorway that we marked my height on for my entire adolescence. (Some of those growth spurts were excrutiating.)

    Of course female socialization kicked in and around puberty I started hating my height. I had horrific posture (so many dysphorias), and would regularly try scrunching myself down to 5’8" no matter what it took. At 20 I reached 5’9", and ugh it was awful.

    Fast forward 10 years and one transition later and now I get height dysphoria going the other way LOL. Thankfully men come in all shapes and sizes, and working with the public I’m reminded every day that I’m average for my country, and above average for most everywhere else. I’m diligently working on my posture, and combined with some relaxing/thickening joint and soft tissue from testosterone, I’m actually closer to 5’10" now. Even my shoe size has gone up and I’ve outgrown all my old clothes. If I had a process kink I’d be in heaven lol.

    In hindsight, I think the interest in size disparities was the prior to everything else. When I was trying to be a woman, I wanted to fit the size kinked ideal of small. Now that I know I’m not, it would be nice to be taller (but it doesn’t bother me nearly as much because I’m just happier in so many other ways).

    As for correlation, I don’t think there is any. Kinks have much, much more to do with formative experiences that hit in just the right way at just the right time,; I’ll bet what was on the TV when we were 6 or 7 is far more relevant than how tall we are at high school graduation.

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  • RE: What excites/pleases you most about this fetish?

    I always come back to a few things in my size kink. The first is that I’ve never been all that much into shrinking - in the few SW stories I’ve written, the man is either trying to help or (in the case of an unposted story) trying to figure out how to use his powers for good, and does so while navigating social expectations of healthy masculinity.

    As many of you know, I’m interested in military themes too, because questions of bodily autonomy there interest me a lot. Governments and institutions experimenting on bodies isn’t just a ripe metaphor, it’s a reality. And to me it’s a way more powerful metaphor than just “shrink ray go zap”. Military institutions are also very interesting ways to explore the symbols and ethics of power, danger, and hierarchy. To me, it all goes quite hand-in-hand with size difference.

    As I get older, too, the more I realize that my kinks are best enjoyed in narrative form, building toward something, whether that “something” is a well-crafted scene or a friendship or something else, rather than just it being a mindless escape. With IRL kink - whenever I get back into it - I want to explore this a lot more too.

    To me, “being big” is about effortless and unwavering confidence - big dick energy, or literally being “the bigger person” - not about power. Because if you have confidence in yourself, no matter where you are and what you’re doing, you have complete power over yourself, which is something that can’t be taken from you by anyone or anything. It is the ultimate “alpha” move. Any dumb idiot can get mad, anyone can hurt and lash out and abuse, especially a stranger or someone smaller. But it takes a metaphorical giant to not lose themselves to a petty situation. A metaphorical giant isn’t bothered by the little people and the little problems around them: they have the power to remain detached, to walk away. I’ve always been more interested in the stories of giants and the people brave enough to accept and love them rather than the stories of shrinkers for that reason.

    It’s exciting to me because that’s a real thing, that’s not something that I can only indulge in secret on the weekends, it’s something to bring with me into my actual lived life. It’s something to bring into real sex with real people. It’s a real way to be a dominant and build relationships. The fetishy stuff is great fun, don’t get me wrong, but the particulars of this or that exact way of stomping on a city or doing cockvore come second, they’re the window dressing to the core of the kink for me, which will always be that question of “how does one wield power in this fucked up world?”

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  • RE: Size Reference Resource

    I prefer this one:

    It’s simple and doesn’t involve silhouettes of children 👎

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  • RE: Vore Tropes

    It’s funny, I love vore, but I don’t like any of the most popular tropes lol.

    Soft vore all the way, I rarely enjoy one-shot dynamics. The characters have to be able to indulge potentially indefinitely, using it to deepen their relationship, so that eliminates all fatal and most non-con (I see rape as a kind of one-shot character dynamic; it loses its spice after the first scene).

    Other stuff that’s pretty niche is M/f cockvore, endosoma, machine/cockpit vore, and tentacle sex while vored. As usual, it all just hits a different note for me than what most look for in their kink haha.

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