Chapter 6: The End?

Clint woke up with a clanging headache in the middle of a wooded area. The first thing he noticed was that he no longer seemed to be small. The second thing was that he seemed to be in the middle of the park near his house, tucked somewhat out of sight.

He was certain that what he had experienced was real. There was no way all of his memories between being in the locker room and ending in the park would just disappear like that. The headache he received from hitting his head was still there. He stood up and realized he felt uncomfortable. Looking down, he realized he was still wearing the maid outfit!

Everything was too bizarre for the baffled high school senior, so he made his way back home, trying not to be seen in the odd costume. As he scampered away, he puzzled over his situation. On the one hand, it seemed imperative that he let the authorities know what Adam had done. On the other, his story seemed outrageously far-fetched, and he knew that a cheap looking maid costume was hardly decisive evidence.

Arriving back home before his parents, Clint went to his room and flopped onto the bed, comforted in the face that he was his normal size. He remembered the cruel torment Adam had put him through. How he had shrunk and crushed so many of his friends with a cruel grin on his face. The power he held over them and his willingness to use it to execute the tiny people with impunity. How he had even used his tormentees as cum rags until they broke. His superiority…

Clint came to his senses, realizing he had spaced out. He then noticed that his hand was down the front of his skirt. He yanked it out, disgusted with himself. He threw off all the garments he was wearing, changing into something more comfortable. He knew he had to do something about the maid outfit. He didn’t want his parents to see it, but he wanted to keep it handy in case the trail of the murdered bullies ever traced back to Adam. He threw the maid outfit into the back of his closet hidden under a few old boxes.

The next day, the beleaguered jock came into school in a hoodie and a pair of baggy sweatpants. News had already gotten around that a number of the school’s athletes had gone missing, along with the school’s coach. The police were on the search, but Clint knew that they wouldn’t find anything. After all, there was nothing to find except a few miniscule red splotches that a janitor had probably already cleaned up by now.

During his first period class, Adam sat directly in front of Clint. On his way to his seat, Adam flashed the frightened classmate a satisfied smirk. Clint’s mind raced as he rushed to his seat. Looking down, it seems that Adam was wearing his own shoes instead of the ones he stole from Bruce and smothered him inside. But the feet that had done the smothering were still there, slid completely out of Adam’s sandals, playfully taunting Clint. They both knew what atrocities those feet were capable of.

Clint spent the rest of the day on edge, watching out behind himself in case Adam ever decided to finish what he started. When the final period started and gym rolled around, Clint was the only person there. Most of that class had gone missing under mysterious circumstances, so it had been given to the few who remained as a free period. A couple of students had just gone home, but Clint wanted to look around the lockers to see if he could find anything to nail down Adam. As he searched, he noticed a rustling from inside the trash can. Could it possibly be…

It was! Peeking inside the garbage bin, he spotted the shrunken form of his friend Zack. He was shivering from the cold and frightened for his life, but he still lived. Clint cupped his hands and lowered it into the trash can. Zach looked up and recognized Clint. Relieved, he stepped onto his palm. The poor scared tiny was relieved to have reunited with his friend at a time like this.

“Oh thank god, it’s you! I can’t believe it. I thought for sure I was the last one left. Everybody else seemed to have been either smashed underfoot or taken out unaware by the cleaning staff. How did you manage to escape? And for that matter, how did you bring yourself back to normal?”

“It’s a long story. For now, I’m going to put you in my hoodie pocket. Just stay quiet, and I’ll get you some help.”

Zach went deep inside Clint’s pocket and snuggled up, warming himself after being naked in the trash all night. Clint knew well that Zach was the only hope he would ever have of bringing down Adam. He thought about all the people Adam had ended under his soles, in his mouth, in his grasp, and even against his cock. With this proof, it could all be made right. Zach hopped into his car with urgency.

Clint stepped out of his car and made his way over to the house. This was it. This would be the final confrontation. He had to make sure he did this right. He walked directly up to the door and knocked. The man who answered gave him the cold glare, as if to convey disappointment in him.

“Really? After everything you still haven’t learned? Are you going to try to beat me up and take my gun? That won’t work; I don’t keep the shrink ray at home. I would watch your back when you go to school tomorrow if I were you, because it looks like you’re in need of some more punishme…”

Clint removed the shrunken man from his pocket. Adam realized that he must have missed somebody before. Realizing he could be caught, he tried to run away to collect his shrink ray, but the hoodie-sporting man grabbed him by the arm and wouldn’t let go. It was all over for him. He would be brought to the police and made to pay for his crimes.

Clint brought the arm he was latched onto closer and pried the fist attached open, placing the small man inside. Zach and Adam were stunned, not sure what was going on, until Clint let go of Adam. He grabbed the bottom of the hoodie and pulled it over his head to show the maid outfit hiding beneath.

Adam smiled as his fist closed around the last remaining shrunken pet. It seems he made a good choice in letting this one live after all. He guided Clint into his home, squeezing the life out of Zach as they made their way inside.